About me! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

VASH || He/Him || 20 || Transmasc || Gay (in lov with my bf Cloud)

Capricon Sun || Gemini Moon || Leo Rising

Howdy Howdy!! Theres a whole lot about me bbut heres the basics!! I've been doing art since about middle school, and basically only draw ocs! I do really wanna draw more fan work, but I get a little bit anxious >_< I don't wanna mess things up! This website is the first time i've really jumped into html, but I do have alot of experience w/ Javascript! Kinda glad that CSS works alot like java tbh, def helps with the learning curve.

I'm a bio major and my goal is to be the first in my family with a pHD!

I really, REALLY like cats.

I like hiding secret links around my website soooo keep an eye on it as I build it more and more ^_^

Media that I'm into: Final Fantasy, Trigun, Enstars, Love Live, Vocaloid, Project Sekai, Madoka Magica, Hunter x Hunter, Jerma985, LSD Dream Emulator, and lots of other stuff!!!